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"Admission open for classes 6th to 9th and 11th std in visually impaired section."                              "Admission open for classes 5th to 9th and 11th std in hearing impaired section."           Application forms for admission can be downloaded from downloads   menu Results 2023 - 2024 Click Here

St. Louis Institute, ever since its inception in 1962, has always achieved its objectives & goals in serving the special children the Visually Challenged and the hearing challenged. St. Louis has been reaching its vision in shaping the lives of the challenged children, to make them fit in the regular society, as useful citizens of the country. Our Visually Challenged students have been emerging   and serving as Teachers, Lecturers, Advocates, Newspaper editors, Medical Transcriptionists, Musicians, Composers, Radio and T.V Artists, announcers at stations, braille Software Programmers and so on...

Our hearing challenged students have been emerging  and serving as Software Programmers, Hardware Technicians, Bank Employees, Auditors, Accountants, Graphics Technicians, Fashion Designers, Sports men, Artists, Printing Technologists and So..on. We have been striving and exploring in all possible ways and means to create a new society in which both the disabled and the abled would emerge as one society. The disabled are in no way disabled, The disabled are normal, but different, yes they are differently Abled...

The abilities, these less fortunate ones possess are tremendous, marvelous, inspirational and extraordinary... We would like to extend you a warm welcome to all the visitors of this website in joining hands with us in serving these less fortunate ones.Your support to this institute for a noble cause of this society would count a lot and would mean a lot in reaching our vision at St. Louis. 

Gratitude and thanks  for the dedicated services of  Bro. I. John Xavier,sg who retired on 30th September 2021, as Headmaster, Correspondent and Director of St. Louis Institute for the Deaf and the Blind, Adyar, Chennai-600 020.  God bless his noble efforts taken in the field of education of the Differently Abled.

After his retirement, in his place from 1st October 2021, Bro. A. Innaci Asir,sg has been the appointed Headmaster, Correspondent and Director of St. Louis Institute for the Deaf and the Blind, Adyar, Chennai- 600 020.

Hearty congratulations and Welcome to Bro. A. Innaci Asir. God bless his dedicated services in the great and the noble cause of education of the Differently Abled.

Please  contact Bro. A. Innaci Asir,sg the present Director,Headmaster and correspondent for any  additional information about this Institute. 

Mobile No. : 9445296620.

Gratitude and Best Wishes 




The School

The school, started in 1962, was upgraded to higher secondary in 1991. The 2 divisions (one for visually impaired and one for hearing impaired) together has about 350 students. .

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The College

St. Louis College is the first college for the deaf in India and Second in Asia. This college offers B.C.A,B.Com and M.Com courses in Tamil & English Medium to the hearing challenged students

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The students get ample opportunities to develop and display skills beyond academics. These include for the VI - music, weaving, chair caning, games etc and for the HI - painting, games etc

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Braille Library

The Braille library at St. Louis hosts a large number of Braille books on various subjects including religious,general knowledge, academic and entertainment.

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Green Campus

Over the last 15 years, St. Louis has taken many initiatives to make the campus more environment-friendly. Rainwater harvest projects have been implemented already in 3 locations in the campus.

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The Alumni association of the school is interested in the development and progress of the institution. They attend meetings; give suggestions for the improvement of academic and co-curricular programmes.

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Latest News
Braille Printer inauguration

The inauguration of a new Braille printer was held on June 15, 2016. The printer was funded by the staff of AON Pvt. Ltd and was coordinated by Udhavum Ullangal, a Chennai-based NGO working with…?



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