St. Louis Institute for Deaf & the Blind


Brief History

St. Louis Marie de Montfort, a priest in the 17th century France founded three religious congregations, Daughters of Wisdom for Religious Nuns, Company of Mary for Religious Priests, Brothers of St. Gabriel. These congregations are responsible for the successful running of many educational & technical institutions and social action centers especially catering to the less privileged, marginalized, dis-advantaged and the differently abled in the society.These congregations have been rendering their dedicated services for the past 300 years all over the world.

'God Alone' is the motto of St. Montfort. He totally believed in the hidden presence of God in his brothers and sisters. He was born on 31st jan 1673 and eternally blessed on 20th April 1716. He was canonized as a Saint on 20th July 1947 by Pope Pious XII. St. Montfort was a great lover of the poor, the sick, the elderly and the differently abled. He was a great philosopher and a writer. The most important books that he has contributed to the society are True Devotion to Mary, Love of Eternal Wisdom, Letter to the Friends of the Cross and The Secret of the Rosary.


Late Arch Bishop Louis Mathias of Chennai Mylapore diocese and Late Bro. Louis Bureau, the Vical General of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, founded the St. Louis Institute for the Deaf & the Blind in September 1962 with the express purpose of integrating the deaf and blind children in the mainstream society and helping them develop into happy, independent and productive citizens.


To Integrate the visually impaired and the hearing impairedchildren in the mainstream society.

Guiding Spirit

Lux De Coelo (Light from Heaven)

School Flag

White & Sky Blue...



Thank you Thank you Thank you

1. Start Every day thanking the Lord for the gift of one more new, wonderful and happy day in your life and say thank you.
2. Whatever happens say always Thank you Thank you Thank you.
3. Whoever you meet today, say that you are meeting a wonderful person in a wonderful land in a wonderful time with wonderful blessings and say Thank you Thank you Thank you.
4. Turn your weakness into blessing and your wound into wisdom and say Thank you Thank you Thank you.
5. Bless the 5 most powerful creations of God - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky and say Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Every day, every moment say Thank you Thank you Thank you for the magical universe that I live in.