St. Louis Institute for Deaf & the Blind


The Hostel

About 200 students, most of them from low/middle income families stay in the hostel on the campus. They are taken care of by wardens, one each for the VI and HI sections. The residents are provided clean accomodation, healthy food for a very nominal fee.There is adequate attention given to health, games, music, prayers,studies and entertainment to ensure a well-rounded

personality development.

Every evening the students have a supervised study hour. For the 10th and 12th students, coaching class and special tuition class are arranged after school hours, in addition to the usual study hour. The students are under the care of Brothers (wardens) and one teacher. The wardens and the teacher monitor games every morning and evening Coaching is given in different games activities like football, volleyball and basketball.

Healthy, nutritious food ia provided for breakfast (idli, dosai, pongal, upma), lunch (rice,dal, vegetables, variety rice), snacks (sweets, sprouts, dumplings), dinner (chapathi, vegetables, dal, white meat once a week, egg thrice a week). The kitchen is maintained at a high degree of cleanliness and hygiene. There are 11 kitchen staff involved in the cooking cleaning and serving operations. The stock is maintained in a separate area and is monitored by the wardens (administrator) The dining room has a seating capacity of almost 400 persons.

Recreational activities like carrom, chess and other games are conducted on a daily basis. Educational and entertainment programs on television are shown every day. Well planned schedule of activities to inculcate virtues like discipline, team work, compassion, sharing and helping tendencies. Prayer session is held every morning and evening for about 10-15 minutes. Further, students start every activity with a small prayer.

Talented students are exposed to various competitions at the school level and hostel level, especially in games & art Yoga is taught to all hostel students, in addition to the physical activities, to improve mental health. The hostel children are taken on an outing once a month to places in and around Chennai for sight-seeing and fun. Parents come and visit their children at least once a week on Sundays and more often based on need. They can take their children home once a month for a day or two (during 2nd sat/sun) with prior permission. Keeping the students' welfare in mind, they are not allowed to leave the school campus without permission. Any additional leave is granted only with the prior permission of the HM and the warden. Medical care is given utmost importance. Preventive care in the form of monthly medical supplements is given There is a well-equipped infirmary on the campus; a nurse is available every day between scheduled hours. The institute has a collaboration with St. Thom,as Mount Hospital for medical treatment of the children. The parents are immediately informed of any sickness (small or large) of their children. Hostel children are not allowed to keep any electrical and/or electronic gadgets and other valuables. The wardens keep a constant watch over the students to ensure their well-being.