St. Louis Institute for Deaf & the Blind


Trichy Province

Montfort Brothers of St,Gabriel a religious society of men was started in the year 1716 in France. Down the centuries this society took upon itself inspired and driven by the vision and audacity of St.Louis Marie de Montfort and of Gabriel Dehseyes, the task of transforming the society through education and empowerment of men, women, youth and children. Thus today this society is a large organisation rendering its services in almost 34 countries of the world involved in health care, primary, secondary and collegiate education and education of the differently abled in a big way. The Province of Trichy is one unit of the 15 Provinces of this big tree- Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel.


South India was the mother Province. Due to the vastness of the Province a bifurcation was needed. A new administrative set up for the Province was "in response to the generally felt need for better animation, for encouraging local vocations aspirations and for designing collectively and fraternally planned growth and development for more relevant apostolic engagements".

Provincial Administration

Provincial House
Villa Montfort
Montfort Nagar,
Prattiyur West,
Tiruchirappalli-620 009
Tamil Nadu, India
Ph: (0431) 2403438 (0431) 2403406