St. Louis Institute for Deaf & the Blind


Green Campus

Over the last 15 years, St. Louis has taken many initiatives to make the campus more environment-friendly. p Rainwater harvest projects have been implemented already in 3 locations in the campus, at the Montfort Block in 2001, Gabriel Deshayes block in 2003 and Louis Mathias Block in 2015. The last 2 were with the complete support of RBS. The total capacity of the three harvesting plants is about 15 lakh litres, catering to the needs of 750 students and staff.

Tree plantation along with 'Super Ground Project' was done in 2010, again with the sponsorship of RBS Levelling of football ground was done to enable smooth drainage of water and to enable sports and games activities for the students. Around 100 trees were planted around the football ground at the same time.

Solar energy has been tapped as a source for heating and lighting, with the additional benefit of optimising the expense structure. The first solar power heating system, funded by SBI, was done in 2009 for use in the hostel kitchen boiling and for drinking water. The second solar power system, funded by SBI, was done in 2009 for lights on the pathways in the 2 hostels in the VI & HI section. The third solar power project, funded by Lions Club, was done in 2013 to provide lighting for classrooms and pathways in the VI section.

A bio-gas plant using kitchen waste etc. Is to be commissioned to provide power for cooking and lighting at the hostels.